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MenoAZering; Z=Zany

For April, I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z, and you will find original images created by me and some ramblings to go with them. I will capitalise words that begin with the featured letter (on first use only). Let me know what you think of the pics, words, or both in the comments! For more of this madness, you can visit Blogchatter.

NB: the following is topical and may be challenging for some - particularly as two links later go to highly sensitive and emotional videos. Other than reading the headlines each morning, I have, as so many have, perhaps been avoiding some of the more harrowing reports. This is a small reparation for my ostrich ways and I hope that you will take the time with me today... (and apologies if you have all seen these things already).

ZANY is the kindest word I could find to describe the state of life for so many people right now. Unconventional and idiosyncratic - some would say that humour was involved, but that one is hard to find in most places at the moment. It is to be admitted that I prayed there might have been a spontaneous outbreak of peace in all the world's trouble spots  - but particularly Ukraine - by the time we reached this final letter of the alphabet. Yes, I remain ever hopeful - yet tempered with the reality.

Idiosyncratic could undoubtedly describe President ZELENSKIY of Ukraine - perhaps even unconventional. He certainly keeps true to his personality and has a particular style about him, manifesting in the form of leadership that most of the world's leaders might do well to emulate. He has a full grasp of the ZEITGEIST of geopolitics and how it has landed his country in the middle of its mess. This comes across well in an interview he did for The Economist at the end of March - and although a month old now, I have seen no other item which reveals the man himself as well as this does. The lead interviewer revels in the first name of ZANNY... and she and her partner ask excellent, appropriate questions. 

...I was only going to give you the link, but I think this is so important an item, I am going to share it fully here to encourage you to listen closely to this man, who has the potential to come across as a ZEALOT, but manages to stay the right side of humble and negate such comparison. I can think of nothing more vital with which to end this year's A2Z.

Two weeks after this interview, USA 60 Minutes filed THIS REPORT, which is much more graphic about the war itself, but again, President Z remains consistent. And, of course, I acknowledge that even in the two weeks since scheduling this post, things will have moved along again, but this is something about which we cannot bury our heads. 

This might be a very dour way to complete the set, but as a remedy of sorts, I suggest that if you have access to Netflix or UK's All 4 hub, then do take time to enjoy Zelenskiy's satirical show, Servant Of The People. It is great fun and has a sing-along theme tune. Then think also about how you can contribute towards relief for the people of Ukraine. There are several charities, and it does not take long to search for them. One I admit not having been aware of (but came to my attention simply because of those pesky internet algorithms - they have to be good for something!) CORE - Sean Penn's NGO. In this interview, he talks first about his friend who has landed himself in a very unconventional spotlight - then about CORE.

It only remains to say thank you to all who visited each of these posts - your support of me with your comments is valued greatly. To those who pass by now and then - thanks also, and I hope each found something of worth to take away and ponder. No doubt there will be a 'mop up' post soon, but for now, back to business as usual! 


  1. What a meaningful and important subject, perfect to wrap up your A to Z. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your artwork AND all of your "ramblings". Thanks so much for creating and taking the time to share your thoughts on so many relevant topics!!!!

  2. Congratulations on this great series of A2Z posts throughout April. It's clear from the response in the comments that I'm not alone in having found them consistently interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. And thanks for the link to today to the Economist interview with Zelenskiy. Fascinating, and I'm glad the interviewers posed the difficult question of how to reconcile saving lives and saving the country - it's one I'm still struggling with.
    Cheers, Gail (currently cuddled up on the sofa in Torridon with a very contented wee puppy).

    1. Hari OM
      Thank you for the compliments and I am glad you found the vid worth spending your time on. I do recommend watching Servant Of The People for a deeper understanding of VZ; although a satire and a character played, one cannot help but see something of the drive, purpose and meaning of Ukraine from it. They've just released season 2 on All 4 and I am resisting binging it.

      So glad Nobby is, at last, experiencing Torridon and I pray the weather holds - though as it has broken down here, I suspect he'll be facing a bit of the fierce which comes with the Bonny Land! Have a lovely few days. YAM xx

  3. Hello Yam,
    I enjoyed your post. I have to stop watching the news reports, it can be so stressful. President Zelenskiy is well loved around the world, extremely brave and stays loyal to his country and people. I keep Ukraine in my prayers and wish for peace around the world. Love the artsy image. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  4. YAM well done on your A-Z challenge...You rose to the challenge and I must say with great Zeal!!
    Thank you for the link to President Zelensky's address. It is so heartbreaking to see so many places in ruins. I don't know how the people will ever come back from this. Everyone will surely suffer with PTSD for years
    Hugs cecilia

  5. Since the day Putin attacked Ukraine the TV in our house has blasted the news from dawn to dusk. I simply cannot watch the video. I am not a news hound but neither do I bury my head. I will have to beg off watching the video. Bob love his guy and not only do i hear it from CNN but have to hear him repeat to me what he heard that I have already heard.
    I too think you did a super great job with you A to Z...

  6. Brilliant post to wrap up the wonderful series!

  7. A difficult heart-breaking topic, but it wouldn't be an accurate reflection of you if you didn't strive to keep it true, no matter how challenging. It's surely something we all love about you. It's been great to visit your writing and art throughout the challenge, and I must praise you for a job very well done.

  8. Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge in such a creative fashion. May Peace reign everywhere, and always. One day.

  9. Congratulations on completing your April challenge. All of your art images and posts were wonderful to read!

  10. I arrived at your blog somewhere in the middle of the A2Z challenge. And very first thing that hit a home run was the thought that why have I not been here earlier?
    I used to look forward to your art work and thought for the day. Every day I was enlightened with some new dimension. After reading your post of the day, the line of thought would linger in my mind for long.
    As for today's artwork...the disturbances are so vivid. The pretty picture being run down by the trickle of shades that are not welcome. So apt for Ukrainian situation.
    One thing that I have learned from conflict is that when the hard times knock your door, better be self reliant. No one can help you fight your demons no matter how willing those helping hands wish to.
    And I learnt from Mr Zelensky to stay positive no matter how odds are stacked against you.
    For the common people of Ukraine, like me and you, I wish this nonsense ends today, at this very moment. And till such thing happens I keep them in my prayers.

    1. Hari Om
      Thank you Anagha - it has been a joy to have you visit and offer always such meaningful comments and reflections! I hope we shall continue to cross paths... Yxx

  11. A job well done. I'm one who likes a challenge
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  12. Terrific post! Thanks for doing the A-Z too! (Though I have been remiss in commenting, I have been reading and enjoying your images). I have found the posts brilliant and thought provoking. Keep writing and drawing! Love Barb

  13. Fitting finale to the challenge. Hearty congratulations to you for successfully completing the project and getting readers to ponder over more important aspects of life!

  14. Hi Yam - so pleased you've finished the A-Z. I like your choice of Zelinsky ... I do feel who has been an extraordinary man in the circumstances ... cheers Hilary

  15. Hi Yamini - First, congratulations on putting up such well-weaved 26 posts through April. All of them were a pleasure to read. And thank you for reading my posts as well, and commenting, though I haven't been able to comment on all your posts.
    A wonderful way to sign off the Challenge. I am really sure all the "great world leaders" would have been thoroughly surprised by the courage and statesmanship that Zelensky has shown in the face of such adversity. He is turning out to be such a role model.
    Not just this one, all wars are distressing. This one is more so, because unlike the usual conflicts, this is a thoroughly one-sided conflict.
    One can only hope and pray that this suffering comes to an end as soon as possible.
    -- Pradeep from Time and Tide

  16. Congrats on completing the A-Z so brilliantly! War is so very distressing and women/children are the first ones to suffer the most terrible of its hardships. Just hoping for it to be resolved, but we are into the 69th day of this utterly unnecessary, one-sided conflict. What can one say?!

  17. Yam, you are such an amazing blogging trooper. And President Zalenski is to be admired. namaste, janice xx


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