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Menodyoucayzhunal; A Little Tutorial

Earlier this week, Sandra the Madsnapper was lamenting issues with Feedly, which (apparently) a lot of folk use to access blogs they wish to read. There are other aggregators out there too. I never have used one - and do not foresee ever using one. I like fine the reading list in the Blogger dashboard. One can add sites other than Blogger - and indeed those Blogger blogs that don't have the 'followers' widget for convenience. I have written about this on 'etherwobblies' posts before, but Sandra went through the basics on her blog this week, so do have a look if you do not know at this point how to add a URL to your reading list on the Blogger dashboard.

In an adjunct to this, it is useful to have all the blogs you follow listed somewhere on your own blog. This is not only a backup for yourselves but allows other readers to follow their noses if they are interested to see the sorts of connections you make and to discover more in the network that is this wonderful medium. If you look to the footer of this blog, you will see I have my many connections broken into four categories... you don't have to do that, but it can also help if you have as many as I do (80-ish!) and with varying interests. 

I have them set up with a max of five on display, but you can click the 'show all' button to see the full list in each category. You may have as many as you like listed, but the maximum that can be displayed as the 'window' is ten. ... Sooooo... I hear you wonder... how did she do that? Well, allow me to show you... Press play and pay attention! (NB - use the exand icon on this to view it full screen - it really helps!)

So that is;
  • dashboard - LAYOUT
  • page down and look for BLOG LIST 
  • click that and proceed to add selections from your blogroll.
  • don't forget to save not just in the gadget itself, but on the blog at bottom right of the screen!
TAKE NOTE - to use this effectively you need to have ensured that all the addresses you wish to add are already added into your dashboard address list. That way they turn up in the reading list - and on the blog list on your blog if you have selected them.

As we all know, there are gremlins everywhere, not least in comments at the moment, but also in the reader. Sometimes things take as much as a day to post there - but mostly it is fine and this blog list on the blog is pretty much always up to date. 

That's enough for one day. Time for tea... 


  1. We found so many interesting blogs to follow from the lists on other blogs. It does help to generate a network and you see personalities on display as you find names popping up in comments on various sites. xxx Mr T and F

  2. Thank you YAM!! Yes there are gremlins EVERYWHERE...just this morning I could not type in any blog comment boxes.
    The blogs were up just crazy Gremlins
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. I have the blog list on Fourpawsetc but removed it from MadSnapper a year or so back. Next time I do a tutorial I will try to remember how to video the screen, which you told us about way back a ways. I love the video tutorial. excellent. I used to look at the blogs others follow but have stopped since I cut way back on finding new blogs. it is an excellent way to find blogs, because you can pick what you like from your 4 lists

  4. We had our issue with Feedly and it seems to be working okay for us now. We did create an account with Inoreader too so now we have two readers. For some reason, Inoreader will let us know when the LLB Gang posts but Feedly doesn't and we don't get emails any longer telling us that they posted.

  5. I lost you! yes, my bookmarks did now work and notices to gmail disappeared. Oh, well, Yamster is found and now I am a happy girl/old woman. namaste, janice xx

  6. Hi Yam - thanks to you and to Sandra the Madsnapper ... I need to come back to work this out ... I will - cheers Hilary

  7. I use Feedly. That's because I was once using Google Reader. When that shut down, Feedly was the one that was closest to the Reader in user interface and navigation.
    So far I haven't had any major problem with Feedly.
    I must check out Blogger Reading List.


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