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Menootanaboot; Less Discovery, More Recovery

Waking up on that Thursday of her trip to the Hutch, Mac1 and I couldn't quite believe our luck that we had the second day of pretty decent weather. Not quite up to the standard of the previous day, but vary acceptable indeed. One of the main incentives of this visit for my sister was an artist she follows in the instything having a couple of items included in an exhibition by the Scottish Society of Artists at the Dunoon Burgh Hall. We thus determined that, following our usual extended brekky and multi-cup tea session, we'd walk there via the back road and return home via the shore. Mind you, in typical clan fashion, it ended up being after lunch that we actually got moving. We got distracted doing puzzles and debating the ills of the world. As you do. Also, I had to divvy up the fresh paneer and 'vacon' and 'unsausages' that she had brought me and get them into the freezer. She decided this was worth recording. I am less sure of that need, but here it is for posterity anyway!

Having recently had to defrost the freezer after an open-door incident, I had only just restocked the day before she came. This meant puzzling out the best packaging and some shifting around to ensure everything would fit - hence the cry of triumph that makes it look like I am in pain.

Moving on. The afternoon continued its fair weather, and we ambled along Victoria Road before descending into the main street. On the way, we passed a house with a plaque. Plaques are a bit of a thing, don't you find?

Along the way, we admired many pretty gardens with unusual blooms (to be seen on Me-Now-Views and TAKE bloggy). Dropping down by St John's church, we approached the burgh hall from its rear. It had undergone major refurbishment not long after I arrived in the town, but we found that the backside was again under scaffolding. Works were clearly being undertaken on the roof and stonework. I had not visited for quite some time, so it was good to see the old place being loved. I was surprised to discover that the entry had been entirely altered, with a wheelchair ramp included, very pretty garden arrangements and the old lamps completely revamped. Very smart indeed. Inside there had been a bit of a change as well, but the main exhibition room remained as was. In there, we found an exhibition that we both truly enjoyed. We remarked in our review of our day that it had been a long time since either of us observed an exhibition in which we actually liked the majority of the works on show. In the image that Mac1 snuck of me, you see the main item from Alasdair Wallace, which was the prompt for the visit.

We took our time and properly absorbed what we were seeing. It really was impressive, and out of the 50-ish things on display, I can honestly say there was only a handful that had me curling my toes. The rest all had merit to be found. 

Exiting the hall, we cut down to the shoreline road and meandered back in the direction of the Hutch, making full use of the many bench seats provided along the way to enjoy the weather, the views and the occasional chatter with passers-by. We met and engaged with several dogs and, at one point, had a lengthy conversation with a chap whose King Charles Cavalier dog, Oscar, seemed to be on turbo boosters. The man was visiting from Edinburgh, and it turned out his sister lives in one of the big houses that have a gate onto the promenade. Mac1 treated me to a chocolate milkshake, (Oreo biscuit, no less! She had Nutella)  that we both agreed was quite filling, so it was a light tea for us that evening.

That had been two days of quite significant walking for me, and it was not without some relief that we awoke on Friday to find the weather had resorted to situation normal. Cold, wet and windy! Mac1 had anyway arranged to meet up with one of her needlework buddies who happens to live here, so I was quite content to sit and enjoy some recovery time. In the afternoon, we watched some catchup teevee together. Mac1 had to leave on Saturday to go and stay with another needlework friend for a party before getting back to Edinburgh. She's a busy one, my sis! 

It only remains to share the stained glass windows from our church tour with you. I haven't quite decided where or when, but keep your eyes peeled! 


  1. Some time I need nothing to happen
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. I am impressed by your propensity to walk places! Thanks for the link; I spent a bit of time going through the work.

  3. Nice job of the Civic building. That choice of green is unusual but looks great. You guys certainly had a decent catch up in that week.

  4. Nobby would like to add that the Burgh Hall has a lovely dog friendly café!

  5. super photos...and we love the plaque... it seems in old times they even knew a lot about social media memes LOL

  6. the first photo is my favorite shot of you EVER! I just love it. It is so YOU! and the other one in the chair with the painings is great also. I would have loved seeing the spaniel, but could not handle one myself. to much energy. can't wait to see the windows. You had two whole days of good weather and a wonderful time with your sister. I love love love those lamp post, them and the flower baskets, the green trim. theyare just gorgeous

  7. Love the photos - especially the one of your hands in the freezer!

  8. MOL BOL LOL WTG Mac 1. I love all of your photos especially I agree with Molly.
    I enjoyed the walk with you Dunoon Pier and OMCs those refreshing drinks
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. How nice that the weather cooperated for you two to be able to get a nice walk and see some sights along the way.

  10. Cold wet and windy - we could do some of that... can't quite believe I'm saying that , but we certainly could. In France this year the. heat has wrought untold damage, especially to the glaciers, many of which will now disappear in a year or two.

  11. We went mini-golfing yesterday and today my butt is sore! I understand!
    Lovely to see the both of you virtually!

  12. Such wonderful(and beautiful) sister time!!

  13. Looks like a splendid time with Mac1. Lovely photos of such variety. I can never get too many YAM shots. namaste, janice xx


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