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Me? No! What The...

Sigh... you might be forgiven for thinking that Fridays around here are turning menoloopal. Is it the equinox? (I swear the sun lost several degrees in the sky overnight.) Is it the tectonic shifts from current events? (Putin spruiking nuclearism, Truss spruiking nothing worth anything.) Is it ley lines getting mangled by reverse polarity? (Yes, I just made that one up.)

This week I have been discovering missing posts from some favourite blogs. Only not missing at all, just not reaching my reader... or not reaching in a timely fashion. I have to go trawling. Then again, some posts get thrown up at me twice or thrice a day. It makes no sense!!! (😡)

On the bright[er] side, the problem with comments going to spam seems to be reducing. Not totally resolved, but certainly not as prolific as a few weeks ago. We take the rays of light where they offer themselves.

.....................................................and I just sat here lost in dwalm for ten minutes, not knowing what else to tell you. An example, perhaps, that I might be entering a mental vacuum. Time to get the leek and tattie soup going. Yes, it's that time of year already. That's it - we are that that time of year already, and I am NOT ready. So much not achieved, so much planned undone. Yet this is also the time for reassessment and recalibration. For this reason, the approaching celebration on the Jewish calendar of Rosh Hashanah - a time of shouting, sharing and embracing new beginnings - is timely. This weekend, some effort must be made to do a bit of decluttering. Also, move stuff around in prep for the cooling seasons and pick up some of those unfinished crochet projects. 

Oh, and plan for next week's Final Friday Fiction!!! That's all, folks.


  1. today should be one of the day where all things are in balance... I hope something good will happen ...

  2. Hi Yam - I'm trying to be positive and tidy my erratic world up ... getting there - but the change is a-happening ... our winter of discontent I suspect lies ahead ... I think I'll blot that out. All the best - Cheers Hilary

  3. We hear you. Packing has started here and although F spent most of the last few months making good on a resolve to throw (or gift) away something for every day, there is still stuff that needs culling. Bags and boxes are filling - Mr T is supervising from a now empty top cupboard....and life is somehow kind of 'on the surface'. There is nothing deeper going on, no time to consider more or beyond it seems. We all know we should be living in NOW, but there really are times when you say to yourself "just get this out of the way and then...." Even the meals are all starting to look like the last few things in the freezer thrown together in an 'end of the month stew'. xxx Mr T and F

  4. I had a booooooooger of a time reading/getting blogs to open earlier this week.
    I'm sure there was an 'improvement' being made.
    Hugs Cecilia
    PS I'm ready for FFF

  5. I had the same issues as Cecilia, with others blogs and I am wondering if i have the problem you mention and am missing some blogs and also my comments have dropped in number and now am wondering if others are not seeing my blog. so much to fret over that really should not matter. we have enough REAL stuff to fret over. like bombs and war and stavation.

    1. Hari OM
      That is so true... but it reflects the fact that I pretty much do my living through the internet! Yxx

  6. I assumed when I initially had so few comments on my Royal dogs post that everyone was as tired of hearing about the monarchy etc. as I know you are. But when the comments did start coming in, that turned out to be a very wrong assumption!
    Anyway, everything will improve after a dose of leek and potato soup!
    Cheers, Gail.

  7. I'm with Gail...Leek and Potato soup fixes all kinds of mental and physical ailments!!
    Political ailments, not no much tho....

  8. While I am not facing the blog problems you are (time is more a barrier for accessing friends), I have noted how quickly the days are getting shorter. My drive to work is happening more and more in the dark. Soon the drive home will be as well. May we find a way to find peace in this season.


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