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Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction

And here we are, at the end of September. Unbelievabubble. The equinox came and went; we had some major rainfall but also some lazy sunshine; the temperatures (along with Sol) dropped several, nay many, degrees; the trees all decided - overnight it seemed - to turn over, make a fall...

There have been some amazing clear-sky nights and a stunning full moon.

I gazed upon the orb
as it graced the sky
of black velvet
and wondered what it saw 
as it gazed back

Might it, just possibly 
light my heart
raise my spirit
soothe my mind
of the turbulence that rages here
on the Pale Blue Dot
that sits on its universal horizon

It calms me, that night-light
unwinking and unblinking
pockmarked yet solid and
reassuring by its presence

Why that should be is 
a mystery to me and will
ever remain so. 

Some things are just best left
to be wondered about.

(Ⓒ YAM 2022)


  1. Love today's contemplation on the moon. It's a wild and windy morning here in Aberdeen.

  2. I am always impressed by your poetry. I am feeling somewhat fragile this week. It is lovely reading your work.

  3. Love your story and your moon photo is absolutely stunning!

  4. YAM Aunty what beautiful verses to go with that glorious photo of the moon
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. What a lovely poem, and beautiful accompanying Moon! Always feel free to link up(it is open to any/all FFF participants!)

  6. We LOVE your Friday poem and the moon shot is spectacular! Mom has been looking at Jupiter with her telescope. But she has not been able to get a good photo of it. She was supposed to go to Kelowna today, but some dog had an upset tummy (probably from snacking on deer poop) and kept her up all night so she is going to go (maybe) on Sunday or, most probably next Monday. Covers for the electrical sockets and light switches must be bought and put on, some cat thinks they are intriguing! Have marvelously happy weekend.

  7. What a great picture and a great poem about the moon.


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