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Menowercogitatus; A Month of Thursdays Thinking

My final offering in the month of Thursdays, which have, hopefully, provided food for thought, and you may not be all that surprised to hear, is about The Spying Game. Not such a big stretch from the detective level of things! In this one, Rory Bremner, a brilliant mimic and comedian, also proves to be an excellent interviewer and host to real-life spies, authors of spies and provider of the occasional impersonation. 

The show explores actual espionage events, as well as those created for books and film; it compares fact to fiction and shares where the creators of fiction can sometimes aid those in the fact of things. Eye-opening and thoroughly entertaining. Here is episode one of nine. For those who prefer an alternative platform, here is its home link.


  1. I will listen tonight... better than the ole tv crap ;O)

  2. Too many things on my plate - I don't know if I'll get time to hear this. Will try.

  3. There are more and more podcast becoming available here.
    Off to get our 4th covid booster TTYL
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. OOOooOoOoooo I can't wait to listen to this one! Thank you!


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