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First Friday Filmclub

Okay - I just could not resist sharing this one with you. I think all of you, dear readers, share my love of animals to one degree or another. We have most of us experienced the benefits of pet ownership and animal relationships. Certification of therapy animals, I am wholeheartedly behind. The 'certification' of animals for emotional support is a whole other minefield - and I would say most definitely needs to be better regulated. That discussion aside, this is an adorable 15 minutes.


  1. Dear YAM-aunty, had we not moved to Greece F had contmplated getting me (The Tigger) a role visiting homes like in the last scene. I don't know anything about ESAs but I know to be calm when visiting old and disabled people. I used to visit two houses of old people to make them happy. They be happy, I be spoiled! Furrings and purrings Mr T

  2. YAM what an interesting video and I fully support ESAs. We all know pets lower bp and set off happy thoughts.
    If I were asked the definition of a support animal it would be NEVER ever NO never one with more teeth than I have or one with sharp teeth and a very big mouth.
    Hugs cecilia

  3. I liked the video presenter's calm and non-judgemental approach to investigating this controversial topic.
    But an alligator??
    Cheers, Gail (happy to be reunited with Nobby).

  4. I loved the video but no thank you to the alligator. They are definitely not furry and cute to me.

  5. Interesting...I bet that aligator was small and cute at one one point...I wonder if he will still be taking it with him in a couple of years (when it has grown to be as big as he is).


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