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Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction

Here we are at the penultimate tale-telling day for 2022. I look forward to seeing what those participating have on offer... In 2023 I intend to 'rebrand' slightly by calling it Final Friday Feature - that way, those of you who have been daunted by the 'fiction' part of the title can have another think about it! 

So, let's find out if I have any juice left in my menolyrical tank...

Mina might have made more of it had it been a major mistake. However, Lina's lighting lapse could be let go due to the local loophole. Dina had dined with Denny, the DA, and he'd dished the dirt. Lina was to link her lapse to the miscomprehension of Mina's manipulation of the matter. That was to say, Mina meant to mutter an instruction but instead had mumbled. Lina then misheard and listened to her inner conclusions based on the few utterings she had gleaned from Mina's mutterings. Thus, without full information, a partial action could only be derived; so, Denny told Dina Lina could not be held responsible for the festive feature of the uplight from the firework bulb as all she had heard was 'bulb, burst, and bright.' The new bulb certainly did create a burst of brightness in the dark dungeon that was their den, and thus, it might be argued Lina had filled the bill. When all was said and done, work could continue, and that, they all agreed, was all that mattered.

Ⓒ YAM 2022


  1. Not everything always goes to plan!
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Morning YAM
    Yes indeedy lately we have to go with the flow. Your last sentence :"they all agreed, was all that mattered."
    Said it all
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. I had one that wasn't very good on auto post but pulled it I may or may not post it later I'm still offline except I did come by to read a few things today and leave a few comments. I agree that's all that matters is that we agree and I like the new name of Friday. I am one that loves fiction and reads only fiction but can't write fiction for some reason I can tell the story but it has to be something that happened to me or happened to somebody else

  4. There is a genre of flash fiction that's increasingly popular. I wonder if there are rules about how many words are allowed - rather like a fiction sort of Haiku.

  5. I seen flash fiction floating around before.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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