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At the risk of raising groans, I wish to share two more podcasts that have been enthralling me. I don't think it will surprise any of you to know that I have a love of history (with, perhaps, a particular penchant for the modern rather than the ancient, but it's all good!)  I admit it; I am fascinated with strategy and political practice throughout the different eras, mainly how it has played out during the past 200-ish years. These are important because they feed directly into the social situations of their times. ...but let me not get distracted with a treatise on why history is an important living study for future use. What is clear, if we are paying attention, is that it appears every second generation has to recycle all their grandparents' lessons. There seems little evidence that even in this supposedly enlightened, well-educated age, humankind, en masse, can or is willing to change that habit. I appreciate the podcast Warfare (from the History Hit 'library') for its insights into past and present views on the how and why of conflict.

Anyway, on Tuesday, the 59th anniversary of the assassination of JFK (I was four years old, and I still recall the sense of shock as my mother listened to the radio that day - and we were in rural Suffolk, with no connection to America at all. Such was the impact), Warfare provided the following conversation with Dierdre Henderson, one-time staffer and acquaintance of Kennedy. Entertaining, and some insights that are precious for the record. (If you don't want to use Spotify, you can listen here or search for it on your favoured platform.)

Concerning social setting, I have been binge-listening to the first season of the Bad Women podcast over the last week and now getting into season two. The depth of research the presenter has gone to, first to write her book and then organise this broadcast, is wonderful. We learn a great deal about life as a woman in the late nineteenth century and, in particular, about the women who ended up at the wrong end of society for many different reasons. Still, they all landed in Whitechapel in the year a mad murderer scared and enthralled society. Hallie endeavours to right the wrongs served those women by history but also seeks to unravel the peculiar, almost cult-like industry that has arisen from the cases. Be prepared to be astounded and shocked at some of the things you hear from those with a vested interest in keeping the Ripper myth alive. I give you the very first episode here, and you can decide whether it demands you listen to more or is just not your bag. 
(Again, you can listen here, if preferred.)


  1. it was a dark day for our world.....

  2. My mind's eye can vividly see myself sitting in Civics class when I heard about President Kennedy
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. I was in 3rd grade and on the school bus going home. I can remember telling my mom what happened and she got so mad at me for saying such a horrible thing until she turned on TV and heard the news for herself.

  4. The Ripper myth isn't really my thing, but the Kennedy podcast maybe more so - will give that a go. I'll admit I have no memory of the Kennedy assassination, despite coming from a family who were very attentive to the news, and a father with a particularly strong interest in matters relating to the USA.
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. They both look interesting - the only problem with podcasts is how spoiled for choice we are now. They are, I think, one of the best media developments over the last decade or so

  6. There are too many podcasts, I think. I look for ones that are slower, and lull me to sleep.


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