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First Friday Filmclub

Welcome to the final film club offering of 2022. Usually, around this time, I would have been preparing myself for the biennial visit to the Down Under Parts, but as you know, that hasn't happened now since 2019, with a couple of big events getting in the way. (I can scarcely credit that it is two years since dad passed...) 

Anyway, you'll recall that one of my mental escapes by way of compensation for not travelling myself is to travel by proxy, and I think I may have shared a Max & Occy clip with you before. Max, when not living the life, is an ambo (paramedic). He has been travelling all over OZ, with occasional dropouts to take up work, but mostly he has been able to stick to the road. This recent vid is sublime. The ultimate Aussie lifestyle; dog, van, surf, dolphins, turtles, more dogs... Why don't you come with me on this little escape too?


  1. What a beautiful video..Max is living his life to the fullest with helping others and really enjoying each moment of his life.
    I liked the under water views and those were some big waves. I think I'd do best collect shells
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Wow! This is fabulous! Nothing like living the way one wants.

  3. Saving this delicious morsel for later--I know I'll need it-- what with imminent house guests and FIFA fever that has gripped Doha and me (surprisingly;).

  4. a special way but it is a kind of "i did it my way" and that's good...

  5. I like the parts about seeing the country I love to see the scenery and other countries. The thing is there's so much scenery in our country that I've never seen because I'm not an adventurer or a traveler

  6. What a character! Take care. I cannot imagine, two years. xx

  7. We spotted the Airedale♥ What a fun video and under the water is just beautiful!

  8. Max's dog is adorable. I'm wondering exactly where in Western Australia his van is parked. WA is a big place!

    1. Hari OM
      A place called Shark Bay at Denham, on the western side of the Monkey Mia spit... Yxx

  9. That looks like a great life. It makes me wish I were about 40 years younger and could attempt to do the same with my life.

  10. F's grandparents started that kind of life travelling round (and through) Oz by van in their 60s (back in the 1970s - no internet to stay connected then). It might be where F got her wanderlust from. Xxx Mr T


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