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Menorcogitatus; Thinking Thursday

Crikey. December. After 63 years, you'd think I had worked out how that comes around so fast. Nope. I blinked and missed that particular instruction. 

I do know that I have to pull up my metaphorical socks somewhat. Having always been quite good at self-discipline in all matters, it has to be admitted that things have slipped a bit this year. For example, two hours each morning and at least another hour each afternoon were always reserved for writing. Be it poetry, short story, essay... whatever, I kept that discipline for years. When I was working, it used to be an hour before breakfast and then two hours after tea in the evening. Here at the Hutch, that became two hours after doing the blog rounds and as much time as possible in the arvo. Then the triple whammy of COVID, care of my father, and absence from the Hutch. Thin end of the wedge. 

When I returned full-time here, the first year, I regained some of that ... and perhaps I am being a little self-critical now. But I have also been less assiduous with other things that have been staples for keeping a routine and orderly life. Morning prayers still take place, but other spiritual practice has drifted. Housework: I always used to wash as I used in the kitchen - now I might wait till there are a few plates and pans before attending. Making it worth running the hot water is part of the background thinking. Or am I just getting slack? The same with dusting and vacuuming. Wiping down the bathroom...

Am I living in a hovel? No, of course not. These things are getting done, but not to the standard I once kept. And this is where I have to acknowledge that much of this 'fade away' is due to being within these four walls 24/7, 7/365. I had hoped this time last year to have been on wheels once more and getting 'oot and aboot.' Now I hope it will be by this time next year. 

A couple of weeks back, I recognised that all my deep-diving online is the way I can escape into the wider world. Can't do it physically just now, so do it mentally! Last week, Coby messaged me that she had taken on a few art courses to keep her focused during the Dunoon Winter Months (DuWM...😶) and that they were with "Domestika." I'd never heard of it. Of course, I had to follow that rabbit warren and, within two hours, found myself signing up! I took the Black Friday bundle they offered, which worked out at six quid a course. I am not an impulsive being, but here was something to help get some of that discipline back. I have never shopped BF before - but it really was a bargain! I have completed the first unit of two courses and look forward to getting the other three started. Once bought, the courses are available on one's account for 'infinity,' so it is possible to go back and refresh or remind oneself. (Want to take a gander for yourself? Click the image!)

What did I opt for? Well, the bundle permitted five choices, and four of mine are crochet. In each case, apart from learning different techniques and how to create patterns, there will be a completed item - a top-down garment, a mixed fibre jumper, a cardigan, and an amigurumi animal (Japanese crochet). The fifth on my list is short story writing from personal experiences. It is with the well-established author Shaun Levin

Now, all these courses are aimed at beginners - but I firmly believe that going back to basics is no bad thing to refresh and kickstart one's creativity. Moreover, there is always something to be learned, even at the starter level. Seeing things with fresh eyes. Also, there being forum participation built into the courses, it is possible to see what others are doing and obtain ideas. (And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I am beavering away on the LynGmal, which I hope to be able to report as complete by this time next week... Then I can get properly started on each of the courses.)

Yes, it is still online - but there will be actions required and to be ticked off. Measures taken. The YAMster needs to keep her mind and hands busy, for she is otherwise prone to mischief...

Oh, BTW, I thought this was worth the listen... 


  1. As good as it gets? No, excellent!

  2. Online does give us that advantage. We don't have to physically get out there in the world.

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the plans to get 'oot and aboot'. Please be assured that neither of your shortly-to-arrive visitors demand spectacularly high hygiene standards...
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. we love the oot and aboot... it is the way to say this words as they should be pronounced ;O)

  5. Oot and a boot is what I need the most because I too stay in this house except for trips to get food to doctors and that's it. Thinking about hurting myself by spending so much time online I contacted two friends from tops that I haven't seen in about a year they were last here sometime last year. We are going Boot and a boot either for breakfast brunch or lunch or even just to the park as soon as they make up their mind which ones they want to do and we made a date for Tuesday. This sounds really good for you and it is easier to do something if you have someone that is telling you what to do and when to do it and learning new things is always good and refreshing old things is always good. I think it's a great idea. But right now I have enough entertainment online that I have injured myself so anything I do needs to be something far far away from going online

  6. The better you are the higher you have to pull your socks up.

  7. I am getting lost looking at the Domestika sight...lots and lots of good classes, thanks for the heads up!!

  8. I just saw you have visitors coming!! YAY
    Oot and a boot kinds sounds like the accents we hear on the Outer Banks on the Coast of NC.
    They call it 'high tider' accents
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Hari Om Yamini. What a wonderful post this was. Reading it made me think of the cyclical nature of things-- activity followed by rest and rejuvenation followed by activity (even if looks different now). A wholesome post. Sending you warm hugs from Doha-- and looking forward to admiring your art when you're ready to share.

  10. Well done, YAM. Things have been upside down for so long. The new normal. You take good care. I like Arti's message. I've no words of wisdom here! XX

  11. That looks like a great place to take a few courses. I can't wait to see what crochet creations you come up with.

  12. HI Yam - I've been doing what needed to be done - mostly volunteering/group work - keeps the brain cells engaged ... but things like keeping up with life is about to get a look at before too much of next year comes around. Now to start ... oh yes I will do! Good for you - sounds fun ... cheers and enjoy - Hilary

  13. It might be online but it sounds like it is a sensory experience just the same - inspiration and action. Can't wait to see some of the results. We follow any Aussie blogger who isa machine witha crochet hook (confined at times by fibromyalgia) and she has really inspired F with some of the techniques she has found online. Xxx Mr T


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