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First Friday Filmclub

Today's historical Sabaton offering relates to a ship that was admired and feared in equal measure... the mighty Bismarck. I had actually been thinking of this for May, the month of his sinking (yes, 'his', as deemed by those who sailed in him, despite virtually all sailing vessels being referred to as 'she'). However, those mysterious cogs and whicheegarns worked their mayhem, and several things came together one afternoon. I decided just to get on with it - before the menopolyxinaemia whisked away the inspiration!

I may have mentioned once or twice that I am quite fond of floating things - or at least a keen observer. Those familiar with my Shipping label over at My Take will know it well! The geeky me was quite taken with this article about the salvaging of 'heavy metal' vessels. It prompted thoughts on the fact that we still rely so much on this ancient mode of transportation and that it is also one of the most significant environmental threats in the transport sector. (Everyone goes on about flying - but that remains insignificant by comparison.) 

There is something romantic about shipwrecks, though, isn't there? Scuttled vessels are often used for snorkelling and diving entertainment. As I pondered this, this article appeared concerning the philosophy and ethics of seeking sunken history. It was noted that even the wrecks will one day be gone as the tides and currents eat away at them. Preservation on film is an ideal form of record. 

Anyway, after all that, I returned to thinking about Bismarck. I'll get to the Sabaton version in a moment - but let me add some more links because, really, there is just so much to follow up on! I found some written history for those who prefer it. On the HMS Hood Assocn website, there was this rather good page. The Hood, if you are paying attention, was the Royal Navy's pride and joy in those early years of the Battle for the Atlantic - and it was the target of Bismarck with a devastating loss of life. The RN got angry, and Churchill ordered that Bismarck be hunted and 'put down'. It was quite the event, and having seen in the write-up just mentioned that Channel 4 did a doco on it, I tracked that down too. It is excellent! Made in the 'noughties', there were contributions by some of the sailors who witnessed the seek and sink. Sadly, I could not find the show anywhere else in the UK; if you are elsewhere, I encourage you to seek out "Bismarck; 24 Hours to Doom" on your various streaming channels. 

Meanwhile... back at the Hutch... I bring you the Sabaton History Channel's potted account and the striking music video. Watch for the silver compass - there's a great visual story unfolding.


  1. All things pass. Except plastic possibly. I had no idea that shipping is a greater environmental concern than air transport, wow! Enjoyed the music.

  2. that is very very interesting... how horrible wars are... we really really have to make an end of all wars...

  3. I rememeber the name of the ship but did not remember it was a German Ship or that it was sunk 3 years before I was born. that is my history lesson for today... ha ha... this is good for the young people who like this music and it sneaks history in on them

  4. Hi Yam - fascinating Friday post ... I'd sort of thought that shipping was worse than air transport, while it always worries me about missiles being aimlessly launched into the oceans ... everything in the ocean is eventually recycled and gets into our human food systems. I agree involving youngsters and providing them subliminally with historical information makes sense - giving them the opportunity to learn more. Cheers Hilary

  5. Hello,
    It is amazing how long a shipwreck can affect the ocean. I know the cruise ship are known to pollute the ocean. Very sa. Thanks for the video. Take care, have a great day and happy weekend!

  6. I'd never thought about that, being so land locked here! I love your photos of ships and water!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my WWII and history buff is gonna love this tonight.
    He reads blogs after supper.
    Thank you for the time it must have taken to prepare this wonderful post
    Hugs cecilia

  8. An interesting history lesson that I wasn't aware of.

  9. I tried watching the Sabaton video but the images of planes attacking the Bismarck prompted thoughts of my father in his Mosquito, firing rockets on German shipping off Norway towards the end of WW2, and I somehow couldn't watch any further.
    Meanwhile, Nobby is resting peacefully, for now...
    Cheers, Gail.


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