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Menoizikul; Midweek Musicalisms

You might be tempted to think that today's piece is a departure from the heavy-metal connections that have been driving this year's menoizikul collection. However, this finger-style guitarist from Indonesia mostly covers hard rock and heavy metal numbers. "Alip Ba Ta" is something of a tubular sensation, yet it has been virtually impossible to find out anything about him. Persistence paid off, though, when I finally grubbed out this page with minimal info. The absolute basics are that he is in his mid-30s at the time of this post, his day job is as a forklift operator, and "Alip Ba Ta" is not his real name. Whatever. He can surely caress the strings! 

This is not metal music as such, but when the electric overdub comes in, you get a hint of it. As far as I can ascertain, he wrote this piece in memory of his father. Given that July 1997 was the start of the great Asian Financial Crisis, one wonders if there is a connection - pure conjecture on my part. Whatever the prompt, this is a lovely piece of guitar music.


  1. I been doing a music feature over at my blog. I'm surprise the genre of music.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.

  2. Heavy metal for the early morning!

  3. Nice guitar music, it does not sound like heavy metal to me. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. OH my goodness that was MOST enjoyABLE. He is a master guitarist look at his fingers gliding with such ease.
    Hugs cecilia

  5. I like the technique of playing the guitar directly with the fingertips. And I know many finger-style guitarists, like Mark Knofler or John Aloysius Fahey. The British guitarist Steve Hacket sometimes plays his guitar with fingertips. For instance the song "Horizons".
    I was interested in your post, as I didn't know this Indonesian guitarist.
    Nice post!

  6. My music habits sure have changed over the years. From choir twice a week, to 3 choirs a week, now nothing! I don't buy CDs anymore, either. They don't go into my laptop! cheerio! xx

  7. Such a beautiful "mash up" of classical/rock guitar...A truly gifted artist!!!


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