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Menonday Meowsday

I got a little busy on Friday and Saturday around Tigger's castle. F and Mr B were due home on Sunday, and I wanted the place to be in extra good order. There was laundry to do and some food prep. Three different soups ("Popeye" - spinach, broccoli and zucchini; "Rootin' Tootin'" - swede, carrot, parsnip; "Peppered Over" - a sambar-style mix from roasted peppers, chilli, tomatoes, and coconut). These can be eaten through the week with things like cheesy toast or not-dog rolls (I use Cauldron snags). It did occur to me on Saturday evening that I missed out on filming some excellent YAM-in-the-Kitchen episodes! Tsk. There was no rushing at things. An hour of work and an hour resting. The weather has been fabulous, allowing for doors and windows to be open as I worked. 

I also needed to get myself a bit set in preparation for departure. Tigger tried to distract me - part of the plan was, apparently, to guard the stairway. It's difficult to drag vacuums and bags up and down when there's a tiger at the gate...

If I lay my tail along the step
she'll have to dance to avoid it

If I don't look at her, it won't be happening

But Tigger, mate, your peeps will be home, and
you won't need me. Anyway, I'll be back...

Oh yeah, like in 87 million days?
The peeps have been gone 87 weeks and it
was AWFUL. Well, not that bad, I s'pose...
You did brush me and feed me and let me
sleep with you and play fat tail chase and
cleaned the dishes and the 'dirt pan' and made
sure the invaders stayed away and...
I might, just a wee bit, miss you.

Tigger, dear, I shall miss you. Very much!
Thank you for letting me stay and do these
things for you (and for F and Mr B, because
don't let's forget the birds and the plants...)
I'll see you again before too long.
With my big Grey donkey!!!


  1. And how we are looking forward to the Big Grey Donkey, for whom we have waited soooooooooo looooooooong.

  2. We think you should get your OWN Tigger! All cats should have wonderful homes and we think that you have done a most excellent job with taking care of Tigger!
    We are happy that the river has been dropping. We have been having thunder storms almost every afternoon and that is scary! The rain has made the grass grow! We can't wait for the human bro to get home. Mom has been spending far too much time on mowing the yard. At least it has slowed to every 4 days now. Alas we have wire worms in the veggie garden. Mom hoped that nematodes would wipe them out, but the garden is infested. Mom planted seed twice as nematodes take time, but they have got the new shoots too. Happy travels home and we hope you miss Tigger so much you get your own!

  3. Tigger (and his humans) thanks you from the bottom of his heart. He is certainly getting old now and doesn't have the same enthusiasm for adventure he might once have had. Routine is everything - that and a reliable supply of meals. You got some good shots there YAM-aunty. Furrings and purrings Mr T and F and Mr B

  4. Mr. Tigger is one big beautiful cat.
    Coffee is on, and stay safe.

  5. I think I'll miss Tigger too now.

  6. Hi Yam - lovely post ... and oh how much you enjoyed yourself ... the grey donkey can't be far away before its journey begins and brings the lovely doting Yam back down south ... Handsome photos Yam has taken of you, Tigger - happy travels home, happy Tigger times back with his family! Cheers Hilary

  7. maybe he waits for the moment he can hop in your suitcase? LOL

  8. Safe journey home Yam. The world awaits the Grey Van and the Colourful Lady….travels to follow. Reunions to look forward to. Keep us up to date

  9. I agree that the photos of Tigger are wonderful, Beau does the block the path we want to take with his tale, just like Tigger did. we enjoyed your visit to Tigger almost as much as you did. we look forward to the Donkey Trip in future days. I am sure the food was really appreciated after being gone from home 87 days

  10. Based on what I hear from cat owners Tigger will stop missing you right around the time you close the garden gate!

  11. Hello,
    I am sure Tigger appreciates all you did for him, taking good care of him while his humans were away. Cute photos.
    We are all looking forward to your first trip in the Grey Donkey. Take care, have a wonderful week!

  12. Love the expressions captured!

  13. Tigger you have been blessed with a wonderful companion during the staff's absence. Yam is truly a loving and kind friend. YAM good luck with collecting Gray!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. Becoming best friends is a wonderful thing, Tigger.

  15. I have really enjoyed following your time with Tigger. Now on to the big adventure but this has been such a pleasant stop.

  16. Mines a bowl of Rootin' Tootin' please!

  17. What a wonderful visit you and Tigger had, we know it won't be too long before you're back!

  18. How lucky to be able to spend this time with Tigger. We know his parents are so grateful for your help.

  19. What fun. We had a Tigger once, but that was a deer! I remember giving up Daisy, rehoming her, she did just fine without me. It broke my heart. I'm sure they were glad you were catsitting. XX

  20. Tigger is colored much the same as our grandcat, Lila. namaste, janice xx


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