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Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

Okay, canal trip time! I had to be really strict with myself... a few are being reserved in the archival banks for MY TAKE bloggy (which is on hiatus until 2024 for just this restock reason). I've managed to whittle it down to ten images (and, sadly, there has been a mistake on my part with the videos, and they are lost to the ether... excuse for another trip???)

The canal basin. Kingfisher is the boat on the right with orange floats.

Eurasian Coot

Common Moorhen

There were nine cygnets being devotedly attended

The Chichester Canal

Hawthorn in full flower

There were many coots and moorhens -
with lots of fledglings, but none I could capture!

The view along to Chichester Cathedral is one that was familiar
to artist JMW Turner, though with fewer trees...

The steel art placements were intriguing...


  1. The last steel butterfly is as intriguing as all the fowl along the way, cygnets notwithstanding.

  2. that's so peaceful... a place for the soul...

  3. Beautiful shots! Love the swans.

  4. It resembles a tourist brochure for the quiet reaches of the "green and pleasant land."

  5. love the steel butterfly and the long tall steeple. sorry about the videos. i have trouble with mine, some work and some don't. I always take too many and then post almost all. hard to decide

  6. Hello,
    Wonderful views of your outing and the canal. I love all the birds, especially the swan family. The butterfly sculpture is cool. Take care, enjoy your day!

  7. Loved the swans pic the best!

  8. YAM what wonderful photos. I especially loved nine cygnets being devotedly attended. Photo looked like a painting. Would be lovely hanging.
    The buttie pillar looks very delicate even though it is wrought iron.

  9. Yes, the swans photo is a favorite. Thanks also for the Tate Gallery link.

  10. That swan photo is fab. You had such lovely weather that day. How is the van fitment going? Mr B has lots of work and F has been running about like a mad thing doing allotment gardening - so I, the Tigger, have been running the house. I am however still struggling to get a food dispenser that works to my timetable (and my secretary is a bit haphazard.) good luck making progress on your van. furrings and purrings Mr T

    1. Hari OM
      Thank you Tigs, mate...... at least the house in safe paws. F and Mr B need to make the most of the summer weather, so it's good they are busy. Though I was thinking today, it was long since we saw your blog update! We, your adoring public, miss you! h&w, Y-a xxx

  11. Lovely selection this week. I especially like the cygnets!

  12. Great selection. What a contrast between the gentle south of England countryside and my current view looking out of the window and across Loch Torridon.
    Cheers! Gail (who has enjoyed swimming in the loch for a record five days in a row this week).

  13. What a beautiful trip down the canal. We think another trip with video is recommended.


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