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Menoingggg... It's A Boomerang Post

On this day in 2015... No, let me start again. On this day, plus one in 2015, I quite virtually time-travelled. Or had an adventure in time. That's what museums are for, right? I posted on the 22nd the following two piccies with this little screed about it. 

The clock mentioned here is about the size of your average household telly these days (in terms of the face and dial dimensions). I arrived in the nick of time - the lass needed help winding up one of those gravity wires mentioned above... yes! I actually got to work the winch!!!


You can read the full post with more piccies from the National Museum of Scotland if you click here!

Why didn't I use the item from the 21st post of that year? Come back tomorrow and find out...


  1. Indeed, keep them coming back for more! XX

  2. Ah ha - she would need a small army to wind up the weights on the mediaeval clock we saw yesterday.

  3. I love old clocks...and one point, Big Ben is the bell named after the MP , husband of Lady Llanover in the 1800s

  4. yay for getting the chance to wind that clock.. I had no idea they had mediaveal clocks. now I know

  5. I would like to hear the chimes from the clock. One must need some muscles to wind up that clock. Take care, have a great day!

  6. YAY YAM aunty...I can hardly wait to find out why the 22 was on the 21st. Knowing you it will be a fun story.
    I know you thoroughly enjoy assisting too. The pretty lass looks like she could be a member your Mac Clan.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Oh, my. Memories can be so fun to revisit. namaste, janice xx


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