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Menokreatikkul; Busy Hands

As previously mentioned, Mac1 paid a visit last week. A full week, which was fun. For most of that week, it looked like this outside the Hutch...

...and yes, that IS a different shot from the one shared last Thursday. (Go compare if you wish.) That is what I refer to when I say that the weather over the Hutch is situation normal. On Mac1's last full day here, though (Friday), some kind of meteorological magic happened...

Yes, we did get out and about - and Mac1 did her Beachcomber thing. More photos from this nearly four-hour linger by the shoreline in the breeze that brought icicles with it will be shared on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, during the dull days, we kept ourselves busy with puzzles and podcasts and eating (I had a bit of a spend on the Black Friday fiesta, including an air fryer........ more on that in due course!) - and being creative. I did tell you I was producing a pair of 'tailored' knee warmers for Mac1. Here they are, showing back and front. They measured about eight inches from top to bottom and were created in the round with a round front post/round back post alternate treble crochet (US dc) to produce a ribbing effect.

She also got the striped hat and neckcowl I shared with you a few weeks back. (Click the label below post to see all things crochet...) It occurs to me that I could do extra long ones and have leg warmers...

Mac1's patchwork project was in honour of a recently deceased member of her City and Guilds study group. That lady's husband had found a few blocks already created by her and all the materials for what had clearly been intended as a counterpane. The Balfron group gathered together and agreed to each produce a number of blocks from the material, following the example in Fran's original work. The finished item is to be presented back to hubby in her remembrance. (I think this was at least half a dozen, maybe as many as eight different sewers). Mac1's task here was to complete the last few blocks and then sort and assemble them. There was a sense of urgency to it as the other group member who was going to take it from this to the full quilted state lives right here in Dunoon! Getting it completed to this stage meant being able to deliver it for completion. The three days of gloom outside meant the focus was good, and the work got done.

Is that not a thing of beauty? There will be a closeup of a section on Tuesday's LSMP post.

Here we are at the end of the eleventh month. Crikey... St Andrew's Day, yee-hah!


  1. That quilt is wonderful. All the action emanating from the center square.

  2. You and Mac1 sure were busy during her time with you. We love all the creations you put together. How nice for the weather to cooperate at least one day while she was there.

  3. Happy St Andrews Day (I pass St Andrews Cathedral in Singapore daily going to and from work - but it is an English church!) That patchwork is indeed a thing of great beauty - testament to the eye for colour of the original crafter and the skill of all those who have undertaken to complete it.

  4. The quilt truly is a stunning effort. Well done Mac1 and the Balfron group.
    Snow yet in Dunoon? (Just a sprinkling here in the Granite City.)
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. that is THE thing of beauty... what an artpiece, well done!!!

  6. Wow!! That quilt is a stunner.

  7. Hello YAM,
    Sounds like fun times for you and Mac1. Beach combing is my kind of fun. Your projects are all beautiful, I like the knee warmers and the gorgeous quilt. Beautiful work! Take care, have a great day!

  8. You girls are both so very talented. Love that gorgeous quilt!

  9. so happy to hear you had a good day out with sunshine.. I had to go out and look up counterpane, aha, bedspread it is. it is lovely and I know he will love it and use it. great idea for knee warmers and i like the idea of leg warmers. if i lived in cold weather country i would want both.

  10. OMCs YAM I love the knee warmers and I know they will be quite useful

  11. The quilt is a real beauty and those are very cherry knee warmers. Sounds like a lovely and very creative visit.

  12. Thank you for visiting the bike shed again after my hiatus. Clearing my father in law's house recently after he died this autumn we came across piles and piles of fabulous needlework from Jane's mum - we kept some and donated teh remainder. Such care and workmanship.

  13. How nice to see some sunshine, even if it was just one day.
    Beautiful creations!


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