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Menoturals; Saturday Sounds

Taken last week at New Lanark - one of my favourite park-up spots where I can truly relax and stay for as long as I wish and just bathe in nature. This clip has a Blackbird dominant, and a Chiff-chaff secondary, though you may need earphones on to catch that one!


  1. I made a video of what I think of as the Bird Song Tree, but have somehow lost it. I could hear the birds well and this is a perfect place to park and listen. when Beau and I walk, it is sunup and the birds fill that tree and sing good morning to the sun.. the day I recorded it I was laughing because the mocking bird in the tree was mocking every song he heard..

  2. There is nothing sweeter than listening to the birds singing away.

  3. The blackbird sounds wonderful - the constant roar of traffic not so much.,

    1. Hari Om
      Ermmm, that's not traffic, David, but the wind in the tree tops! Yup, it's pretty jet engine at times. Yxx

  4. A pleasant video, listening to the birds singing. Have a great weekend.

  5. YAM I'm so happy you had the lovely park w/o restrictions while you were under the weather.
    Nature's sights and sounds heal us from the inside out
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. That's so soothing! Perfect location to recover and re-energise.

  7. What a relaxing clip...funny, although our terrain was different this weekend(high desert scrub and lava fields) the evening and morning birdsong(and wind) made the sounds very similar!
    Hope you are fully healed!

  8. What a beautiful and peaceful place to stay.


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