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Menodulations; The Grey's Birthday

Frankly, it was a bit fuzzy - a bit like adopting a dog. I actually bought and paid for the van on my own birthday last year, April 26th. The DVLA reckoned registration meant The Grey was 'born' on April 30th. The Ford dealer reckons it's May 18th. That is when the annual service is supposed to be done. 

They sent me this...

Those paying attention will recall that, having had a bit of kerfuffle getting him booked in the first time, for May 14th, it got scuppered due to my COVID caper. When I finally got this...

Yes, it was a negative test. I am sure you understand the relief and thanks I offered for that! 

Then I spent two days and a morning trying to phone the Ford place to reschedule. Constantly engaged. So, I left my leafy parking place in New Lanark (I will get around to dedicating a post or more to that place eventually!) and drove up to the dealership, walking in and making the appointment face to face! It was only 40 minutes/26 miles, so it's not a major thing, really. However, I made a full day of it. I had been parked for several days and it was good to be driving with purpose again. What is more, the sun came out to play. Mostly. First, I took Grey up to the 'salon', and he got a top-to-toe personal grooming session. I was super-impressed with these guys. The place in Edinburgh where we had this done cost £15 for a ten-minute hose-only job. It was fine, and I was happy to spend those pennies... but this place only wanted £10. I tipped them a fiver because this was a proper 20-minute, hose, plus sponges and chamois cloths hand care.

I forgot to mention that before leaving our park, I detailed the drive-cabin area with Dettol, and it looks brand new. I also did a spring clean in the living area. It's totally spruced up—really rather spiffy! 

The rescheduled appointment was for June 7th, a whole week away, so I went back to Lanark for a bit. It turned out it was Lanimer's week. Lanimer is one of a bunch of Common Ridings along the Scottish Border towns, and the name derives from 'land marches', in that way that language mutates. I didn't actually click on it until Tuesday when chatting with Aitch about all the bunting around town causing potential traffic hazards due to the high winds un-draping them into the roads. She was busy as we chatted, looking it up and drew my attention to the festival. As I got back to the car park from that shopping trip, it also transpired that I had quite innocently avoided temporary road closure down the glen due to one of the equestrian events starting out from there. I couldn't get into my favoured parking spot due to all the horseboxes! I had missed the riding out, but at about 9pm, I did see a rather tired and drookit bunch ride back in... then watched as one pair had tack removed and got a bath and grooming before loading up for home.

Not the sharpest shots, but I didn't want to be too 'razzi'! There had been several nasty squally showers and a very bitter wind, so they would have been through mud and muck and air resistance. No wonder they were late back. By ten o'clock, I had the place back to myself. Tomorrow I will share just a little bit more of it with you for Nature Friday.

I was a tad concerned about the length of the festival, but it all culminated in the whole-day events on the 6th; thus, the road closures, which would have pinned me to the town, were all over and done with by early Friday morning when I had to get The Grey up the road for his appointment. Clean bill of health! Phew... we will have to return for one more thing, as they didn't have the necessary parts to fix a matter on recall. No biggie, just means another Glasgow run at some point. That's okay, I've found a fabby park up only a few miles up the same street... will share that one with you next week!


  1. Good to hear that you and the Grey are doing ok.

    That would have been a fair ride for riders and steeds . Did you know that the red ribbon on the tail means Beware...can Kick...there are several different colours used for different things..quite a good and obvious system.

  2. Hi Yam - wellllll - Happy Birthday 'the Grey' ... fun post and I love that the herd was around for you to see and let us have a glimpse. The Grey sounds very pleased and happy to be clean, healthy and ready for the road again - when the time comes. Congratulations to you for all you've done ... I didn't know gz's comment: I must look it up ... - cheers Hilary

  3. yay for the clean horses and your steed known as The Grey.. sounds like everything worked out after the kick in the butt covid episode... love the shots from inside the van while it was washed...

  4. Please give the dealer a lesson on where to insert an apostrophe.

  5. You sound much better! Happily your EV is looking and feeling good, too! XX

  6. Happy birthday Grey! Lovely captures of the horses.

  7. ALL KINDS OF HAPPY TO READ N E G A T I V E on your Covid test
    OH BOY I think I heard a sigh of relief from The Grey for his spa day. I enjoyed the horses and noticed there was a very handsome Grey horse too.
    Happy Birthday to Grey and thank him for all the fine treks he has taken you on.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. We're glad to hear you finally got clear of Covid and the Grey's checkup went well. How fun to have all those horses and riders to entertain you for the day.

  9. Hello,
    The covid negative test is great news! Happy birthday the Grey!
    Love seeing all the horses! Take care, enjoy your day!

  10. Busy, busy, busy....love seeing you healthy and having fun in the Grey!

  11. Happy Birthday to Grey. You and he are having a wonderful time together. We know your Dad is smiling down at all the good times you are having.


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