'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoportable [men-oh-port-able]; the condition of adaptability

One of the things that happens when one is in search of menocausality is that one tunes into the Greater Consciousness; the many unnoticed radio signals of the total mind pool which results in common thinking.

Here's a big one for you.  Are you sitting down?

There is no such thing as original thought.

Accha (is that so?)?  Well there WAS one original thought.  Once He'd had that, all other thoughts simply followed suit.  Given that we are all extensions of Him, it follows that thinking is really all His also.  And there you're little ego all this time was thinking "that's my thought…"

That's what makes the land of the writer such a treacherous one.  How to say all the same things over again but in such a way that the Dear Readers are blinded by 'originality'?

In the interests of my quest for menocausality, I 'fess up now.  I had written the posts you have read up till now four weeks ago.  I wanted to have a pool of writings to start the blog off and not being sure how my time could be managed, (given that I truly am engaged in major study work here), I thought it best to stockpile.  Even after this 'stop press' moment, I will likely follow that pattern for a while simply because I really have no option.  Every now and then you will get another 'stop press' - something not more than 12 hours old.  So everything is 'original' , but you are opening it on the 'use-by' date rather than date of manufacture.  As it were. Hhrrmph.

Be assured, each thing written is 'of the moment'.  The moments are just a bit time-warped.  This is one of the 'interesting contortions' I referred to yesterday.  (I daily check, so if you go mad and decide to comment, I will respond within the day.  It was just the writing commitment that worried me.) 

After all, do you really care whether the accident-prone YAM is writing to you from the place of injury, (which she technically is, at the time…  ) or that, as you read, she's in fact recovered and working on the next method of self-mutilation? No. In the long run, for the purposes of most of these things it doesn't really matter.  When all is said and done, this is a 'memoir' which by definition is historical.  No time and motion study here thank you very much.

It also gives me flexibility - or menoportability, as the case may be.  Another aspect of menoportability is the thoughts themselves. (You thought I'd forgotten I'd started on about thoughts didn't you???)  Either I have the thoughts and the total mind picks up on them, or I have somehow tuned into a line of thought and run with it. Either way, it's disconcerting to find the same thoughts turning up all over the place.  So how does one stamp originality on one's writings?

Blind them with personality, that's how.

YAM! Kya? Don't go blinding folk, you need people with vision.

Not at all.  I know for a fact some are listening to this.  The wonders of modern technology.  That's a call-out to my niece - G'day my girl, hear that?  Anyone interested in music and what a young lady with multiple disabilities can create should visit here

Now that's what I call true menoportability.

(Anyway, the news now is that I will only be posting up to seven days ahead.  I'll bring it down gradually, I promise.  Am getting the hang of this bloggelty thing.  Having fun too.  Even if you're not.  Well are you?  Speak to me somebody.)

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