'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical [men-oh-lir-rick-ul]; the condition of conversational disco-ordination. Chatterbox snippets of an insomniac.

What? 3 weeks without a comic conversation with the meno-sisters??  Aitch was setting up for service at the church and conversation took a flutter - as it does...

Aitch: Back now; heating on in the church for the bats, cake from the freezer for after the service

me: bats might melt. cake too

Aitch: cake with me here and good jobs as regards the bats;  they do a lot of damage in the church

me: - - - yes. Bats in the Belfry. This has a basis for fact as does smoke = fire. ...that cake is not in an oven is it?

Aitch: oh no cake on the side defrosting

me: so where's the smoke coming from?

Aitch: not allowed to have anything to get rid of the bats…. incense maybe?

me: are they protected species?

Aitch: ...what smoke, hope you are joking... don't want the church to burn down

me: ;)

Aitch: yes and we have one of the rarish ones too

me: oh. well I gotta tell ya I'm kinda on the side of the bat. The Batting side..... Wonder if you built a separate tower of similar style whether they would transfer to updated accommodations?    "squatters" are always on the look out for better property to trash. Though you'd of course require a fundraiser for the building... 

Aitch: That has been tried in some areas not heard how successfully

me: oh really --- tsk. I always have good ideas somebody had before me

Aitch: but if it has worked and we think about doing it I will say I know someone who will help with fundraisers!!!

me: I was of course joking. At first... and I will  if you think YAMonster won't scare folks away. Oh, maybe I could be the Bat Piper....of Baylham

Aitch: Well you shouldn't have made the suggestion, once the idea is planted it may not go away!!

me: like gathering the J's

Aitch: Bat Piper now that's an idea, the fundraiser has been replaced

me: NO NO NO - it IS the fundraiser - the Bat Piper of Baylham leads all the children away for ransom;  or pets as the case may be...  This is gathering momentum you realise......

Aitch: Not many children in the village and pets would be protected so only leaves bats I am afraid

me: but folk would pay to see it happen wouldn't they?

Aitch: I am sure

me: Bat Piper Unplugged……………... Cackle cackell cvkl;adg[ioad;kdvm;kfogijgbvrf…...
uh oh. puddles on floor………..  Metaphorically………... 
Are you okay over there? ............I've done for her...........................

Aitch: just trying to read the unplugged stuff

me: am needing windie-wipers for the glasses;  oh did you miss the moment?

Aitch: no all fine, just laughing

me: that was the plan

                                                                 &*> YAM xx


  1. Oh you two, that's enough. Now I was more thinking old bats! wink wink, Nudge nudge. Yam needs wipes for the glasses again. Ha ha

  2. Hari Om

    {8~() I can't help it - I've got menoxy or something.....


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