…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)


What's this, another moan?

Well it's like this.  Heading over to the Edgeworth David park for a second visit on Monday afternoon, I was disgusted to find that most of the great informational boards I had photographed and showed to you last Thursday, have now been obscured by graffiti. 

Not even half-way decent tagging either.  Slash and destroy stuff.

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean
Neither were the boards the only target.  Seating, rocks and tree trunks were also attacked… I was taking photos again (naturally!) and by careful angling, managed to minimise the visibility of this mess.  I will say it was limited to the most accessible part of the park, just along the creek itself. Clearly a great wee hideout for bored students.  It is HSC season and shenanigans and larrikinism tend to rise proportionately. 

These were not frustrated street artists.  This was the original "who gives a fig" type of work. Even if a purpose built wall had been provided for them, they would have aimed in the opposite direction.  Perhaps I ought to have left this post for the 31st, as this was mischief and mayhem befitting Hallows e'en!

Every generation has its rebels and something or other of this sort is going to occur.

As I stood in horror at the first vision of destruction, wandering through this wonderful little area of bush-land I pondered the fact that at least one can say this; there was no sign of broken glass or empty cans or discarded drug paraphernalia. There had been no noise or other noticeable misbehaviour in the neighbourhood over the weekend, when one assumes this took place. This was likely the work of young minds letting off steam.

It doesn't explain the single ski which had landed in the stream.

Didn't waste battery power of the 'Nik' on  such things.  Suffice to say it was disappointing.  As saddened as I was initially, though, it did not spoil my experience of another two hours peaceably passed and over one hundred more shots to add to my collection!  In the ten days since my first exploration not only the above mentioned had changed the place.  Flowers had moved on, the trees also.  Some things had passed and new things were bursting forth.

No prizes for guessing what tomorrow's post is about!!!


  1. It is sad when you see this sort of thing.

  2. Oh that is too bad. Just terrible. So disappointing.

  3. No prizes? And I know the answer too! Disappointing to say the least!

    It's a shame that things get defiled by somebody (ies) that don't have anything better to do.


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