…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menozplorer (men-oz-plor-er); exploring one's DownUnder residence during meno!

Despite the shock of the graffiti reported yesterday, the second tour of the park over the road yielded another great haul of pictures.  Experiences too; a couple of them deserve posts on their own, so stay tuned!

The first experience was as reported.  That is, public spaces are prone to disturbance and this does not necessarily have to mean noise - visual 'noise' can be equally upsetting.  This first piccie was taken at the most acute angle I could manage to disguise said disturbance.  It is easy to see, though, the attractiveness of such a hollow for those who would gather for less than altruistic behaviour.
image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean

Standing in the same spot but rotating 180 degrees, the scene was this.  

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean
This is the replacement bridge.  The large rock, on which photographer is standing, bears the marks from the original construction, a rather more rustic bridge, which had deteriorated to virtually nothing.

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean
The creek water was much cleaner than previously, begging the question as to what had been in it last time?  It does flow down from a light industrial area… (at a later date, I must wander down to the bottom of the street where one can see the creek better and there is more history.  &*>)  These shots show it well though - the one with the leaf at the bottom I was particularly proud of.  Standing up the bank some 15 feet above, telephoto lens at stretch.  The surface of the water was reflecting and that is the little 'sparkly' bits you can see on the right.  Water is less than 12 inches deep at this spot.

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean

The creek runs parallel with 'my' street for the length of the park.  At the bottom end before it disappears underground to change direction, there has been significant regeneration of the bank using many of the sandstone boulders found locally - recut eight years ago and still shiny looking!

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean

The 'residents' were in evidence.  More on them later.


  1. Oh my, what beautiful images.
    I likes da furst one wheres you can still see da 'noise"...it be like 2 worlds within inches of eachudders.


  2. Funny our creek is not as clean as it was, we have had very little rain and the state government has cut back on everything and the council no longer do street cleaning or I haven't seen them lately.
    Pretty good pictures...........

  3. Love your photos, Yam, especially the one of the new bridge. Postcard- or calendar-worthy. The clear stream with the leaf is also lovely, and I'm looking forward to more of the ducks.
    I do love ducks, ever since I lived across the street from a duckpond. However, before the siding was put around the bottom of my place, there was styrofoam insulation exposed, and the ducks loved to peck on it. From inside, it sounded like drums, long before my preferred wakeup time.
    So I would rush outside in my pyjamas, pick up a stick, and yell, "I'm gonna make duck soup!"
    That threat kept the ducks away long enough for me to go back to sleep, then they'd return.
    That was the only exercise I ever got, and my neighbours thought me wonderfully entertaining. I wouldn't go outside after the second awakening, because by then my cats had decided it was time for breakfast.
    Luv, K

  4. Its great to be able to see the beauty despite the dumbies who try to ruin it!

  5. Hari OM
    Puddles - what a terrific thought, befitting a dogosopher of style!

    Merle - this park is tended by a sturdy band of volunteers; there was a fellow about yesterday with his leaf blower (!) and spray. Heck knows what he was pointing it at...

    Kay - thank you. remember that the ones I post here are 'seconds' or greatly reduced in size so quality is lessened. The very best go to MY TAKE. Yes Ducks can be a nuisance if they get familiar with you. One of the reasons for that board requesting no feeding!

    Taffy - oohh; like Puddles you have seen the depth. Lovely!!

  6. Sorry to hear about the vandalism, Yam. Why can't such a lovely corner of the world be left unspoiled? I'm sorry, in my book, youthful high spirits or boredom just can't excuse it.


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