'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi Moments - it's who you meet...

Monday has, unwittingly, become the regular spot for the more schmaltzy posts.  Well.  I find them so.  Doesn't mean anyone else will.  Perhaps, though, things noted will trigger memories and 'melts' for each who read. 

Menosukhi moments are available in surprising places.  Like the other day.

One of those rare days here in bonny Dunoon when the Sun showed its face.  I was able to go out without a cardigan and wore my chappals (sandals) for the first time since India...that itself was reason for sentiment on my part! Not just bright, warm as well. After the mundane part of grocery shopping (it gets delivered for free, right into my kitchen), I took my time sauntering back via the main street of the town.

First I met Roxy.  Rottweiller stud.  We had not met before but surely will again.  He had been down at the waterfront.  More than that, he had been IN the water.  Looking well-pleased with himself now as he stood beside his young mistress waiting for their mother to finish inside the hardware store.

Standing well over my waist height he looked at me and winked.  I winked back.  I asked if he would like a scritchy-scritchy behind the ears.  He did.  Left first, then he made sure the right got its fair share of attention.  The young companion said his brother was at home already... they go out separately for their runs because they are inclined to try and out-swim each other; which one day resulted in having to call the local rescue boat as they were in danger of presenting a shipping hazard!!!  At the telling of this, Roxy looked up at me and winked again.

Not long after, I met Millie.  A Border Collie of very fine hair and keen spirit.  Walking leash-free and always checking that her elderly master was beside her.  Waited for his command to greet me. Then I got the paw.  Heartmelter. For sure I will meet her again and I look forward to that.

Then it was Skye the Wire Haired Jack Russell who lives just round the corner from me. At 13 she is a fair age; we had met before and this time she greeted me even before I could reach her. Nothing wrong with her memory at least!  

Then there were the people.  The young lady willing to share her dog.  The old fellow glad of a chinwag.  The shy neighbour who managed to overcome and look me in the eye.

Having returned to the flat, replete with the rays so rare, I set to attending the daily email.  What a delight to find a message from one of my dear 'boys' who shared the experience of the ashram with me. He is doing very well and has been given the role of acharya (spiritual teacher) in New York.  A connection not lost, but needing refreshing now the dust is settling.  Then as I was reading that, the chatterbox at the bottom of the screen popped up and another of my 'boys' was there!  We chattered away via the keyboard for half an hour.  He is in Hyderabad with his parents.  As at the ashram he again sought my counsel.  My heart filled with the honour of his trust.

Simple moments.  Filled with menosukhi...

Images courtesy of my friend Go Ogle!


  1. Ha, ha. Schmaltzy, indeed. Actually, the stuff of life.

  2. Dog owners are usually all to happy to stop and chat if you show a friendly interest in their pets!
    Cheers, Gail.


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