…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoxercise; getting physical.

Okay, so you got outta bed, off your seat, onto your feet.  Maybe, though, you don't have plans for anything more than a walk to the letter box or the grocery.

This does not mean that you can head off walking 'cold'.

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What?  Oh you were planning to take the car? Herein lies the trap of modern living. Here's a thought for you; if it is within 15 minute's walk at a snail's pace, JUST DO IT.  I know. Not original. Meaningful though.

Even with my dodgy limbs and achy back, for anything that is at the high street or closer, it is just not worth firing up Little Ren's engine. It does help that I have very picturesque surroundings and the walk can be way more than a simple to and fro. I can choose the back road, via lovely gardens and fine buildings.  Or I can choose the front road, along the shoreline promenade. I am willing to bet that the majority of you reading this have equally enjoyable walks - the key is to keep the the head up and the eyes ranging from left to right and up and around...

Okay. So at the very least, if you have to build up slowly like yours truly, get out three or four times a week and do that short round the block equivalent walk. Not dawdle, not shuffle, but a reasonable pace such that you can feel your lungs start to work and maybe the blood rushing in your ear a little.

....... NB - if much of the latter, talk to your doctor - I don't want to be hearing about aneurysms or embolisms!

Now it has to be said that many of you reading this are also owners of 4x4s.  Not SUVs but canines! The four-paws require at the very least that twice-daily outing for an airing and evacuating.  Thus you have already covered what has been discussed.  How many of you, though, thought about pre-walk stretching? It's a fair bet that your companion did.  He or she would have bent backwards and forwards and shaken the body, wagged the tail beyond the speed of light, possibly put in a few springs and turned a few tight circles.

You don't have to be so dramatic. However, it is useful to at least give each limb a good shake, do a little hop-skip-jump, lift the arms to chest level and swing the torso a little, then bend to toes. Yes, even for just that walk to the post box. Age is no barrier to this!

(CLICK -Here's an interesting article for you.)

When out walking, find a good pace without haste.  Of course, if Poochy has other ideas, you may be over-ridden on your comfort levels. All the more reason to fitten up!

Walkies over?  WARM DOWN!!! Especially if you are only starting an exercise regime. You warmed up to warn the muscles and now you need to warm down, to let them know to release all the lactic acid and minimise any stiffness which may occur. Simply repeat the shake, h-s-j, swing-twist and toe stretch.  You could, if you so desired, imitate what Poochy is doing.  Jade's favourite post-exercise warm down was the back wriggle...

(c) Yamini Ali MacLean

There is no doubt that I miss the crazy, ever-red-eh? dynamo that was Jade Dog - and I have definitely lost some fitness through not having that daily discipline she enforced upon me. Excuse me... am off to have a back wriggle in her honour... Exercise safe efurbuddy!!!


  1. We wish we lived where we could go for Walkies... OFTEN... other than times when mom and dad take us Shopping and to Run Errands and stuffs... we have to drive at LEAST 8 miles to find a decent sidewalk...

    BUTT on the GOOD side... we have 2 acres to race and run around on... one side is UP and the OTHER is DOWN... hehhehe

    1. Hari Om
      OMD I would give a hind leg to have two acres to myself..... I have to make do with hard-on-the-limbs pavement... (see, it's all in perspective!) *> Key point - out and about stops blubber and pout!!! Hope it's showing signs of getting a bit warmer up on the hill. Yxx

  2. * However, it is useful to at least give each limb a good shake, do a little hop-skip-jump, lift the arms to chest level and swing the torso a little, then bend to toes. Yes, even for just that walk to the post box. Age is no barrier to this!*
    BEND TO TOES!!!!!!!!!! Are you jokin'???? Mum couldn't bend to toes if her life depended on it and she's pretty fit for her 87 years or so.

    1. Hari Om
      Bwwswhahahaha - the clue is in 'bending' to toes..... NOT TOUCHING!!!! Bet ya one thing Charlie mate... mum may not think she bends to her toes but when cleaning up after you she will be bending and stretching more than she realises!!! Yxx

  3. Oh yes, the warm up stretch is one area where us pups excel,for sure. Very interesting report from the fine and ancient University of St Andrews. Although I was intrigued to note that the researcher is a lecturer in Geography and Geosciences, which would seem to be stretching the boundaries of that particular subject somewhat?
    Toodle pip!

    1. Hari OM
      Oh Yes Bertie, that intrigued me too. I had spotted Feng's name in an article from my PDSA magazine and went online to try and find out about him and then discovered this!!! What I do know is that the Uni of SA is embarking on a major research on Alzheimers and other dementias and how region, exercise, mental timulations and such can affect outcomes ... so perhaps it falls under the 'Geography' part of his portfolio??? Either way - this bit fell right into the purpose of my post today! &*> Y xx

  4. Well, my walk is certainly scenic! 4 miles of scenic just to get to the nearest shops! So, not something I do on a regular basis. In fact, I think I cycled it only twice: too much up and down. I do walk on occasion though: just round the block, which is about 2,5 miles. With a bit of music in my ears and I will be dancing along!!

    HUGS C


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