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Menorflexion; Alpha-Betting Resilience

Yesterday saw the letter "P" in the Martha Simpson affirmation alphabet. (Please note that this series has been given its own label here, of 'ABReflctions'.)

One might wonder what could be used for reflection with the letter "Q"... and that question itself is the answer!


  1. Patience is definitely LEARNED and not in our DNA. I have gotten better with age but I continue to remind myself daily...good things come to those who wait, if it is worth having it is worth waiting for"!!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. to me resilience means bouncing back no matter how many times i get slapped down or the world tilts on its axis.. which is a lot. but i never ask why is it happening to me, because bad stuff happens to any and all. I have noticed a trend towards more bad happening to good people than to bad. my dad had an answer for that. good people it is to show how they can stand up under it and when it happens to not so good people, it is to wake them up and shake them up. with that i do not agree

  3. 'Live in the question'. Wise advice indeed!

  4. Why is it that the questions come so much more easily than the answers? All a part of life.

  5. I question more things now than I used to. I used to be able to accept things...now I want to understand why they are not the way they "should" or "could" be and I have trouble with letting go! Great advice,. Thank you.

  6. It how to know question to ask to find the right answer

  7. Questions and answers do they really matter just living is often enough

  8. To question, to inquire, to be curious, to seek, ... this is the stuff of a life well lived. This is part of what makes us human.

  9. Questions come and questions go. At the moment questioning anything seems futile....why did it happen, when will it end etc. we don’t know the answer.

  10. Patience ~ so important and still learning ^_^

    Live each moment with love,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I was questioning so many things happening in the world. Just sure things were not going I the right direction. I would get all worked up and tense. With the passing of Judge Ginsburg it felt the universe was going into a black hole. Then I remembered how many times supreme court judges have chosen to do the job of interpreting the laws in the opposite direction expected. The questions before the court are not mine to answer. With that realization I have come to a place of peace. namaste, janice xx


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