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Menorflexion; Alpha-Betting Resilience

Yesterday saw the letter "Q" in the Martha Simpson affirmation alphabet. (Please note that this series has been given its own label here, of 'ABReflctions'.)

"R" is for 'remember'... and if you've been around here long enough, you'll know the challenge contained in this one for the YAMster! No, but really, this is quite a good one for stress management and I had actually done a bit of this with father recently anyway.


  1. Yam
    I have always been a note maker....Often I think of/remember things at the most inconvenient times.
    My Mama had an odd habit her entire life. If she needed to remember something (just for a second..say while in a conversation with someone) she would move one of her rings to her middle finger. If I was part of that conversation I'd see her move her ring. When there was a break in the conversation, I'd say mama what did you want to say. What always amazed me was HOW did she remember what she wanted to say just because she moved her ring. It worked for her.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. PS...meant to say there have been times when I did this too. Mostly at home.lol and lo and behold I remember what it wanted to do or say.

  3. to remember is the only way to understand the current time and to be prepared for the future ;o) ( where the passport photos will look much more weird hahahaha)

  4. I love looking through my photo albums. It's bittersweet because so many are no longer with us but it does remind me of so many fun times.

  5. I have no passport to look back on and no photos either, my child hood had a few photos but not many and they are 10 hours drive away from where I am. but i do love looking at old photos, even of people I don't know.. nostagia for times gone by... i like the throwback thursday to see what people used to look like.

  6. F cant even remember how to link your final friday fiction - but she can remember you have a page of rulz so she's going there to check. We hope you are enjoying doing some remembering with your Dad. Mzke as much of it as you are able. There are always more things you find to ask after they have gone. F&P Mr T and F

  7. This is a wonderful thing, if you can remember the good bits!
    Photos really help with this. xx
    P.S. Remember my bringin in the fish? The pump leaked last night. I'm back to square one.

  8. Happy Monday with Happy memories ~ ^_^

    Live each moment with love,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. My G-man grandson (not government man just first letter of his name) texted this week needing photos of items that had been in the family for generations. I texted back ideas. He settled on the 120 year old double barrel shotgun. I included a large 'bullet' from the Civil War. I was pleased he would ask us to see what we could come up with for him and his school project. Our son was with him at the time and remembered we had a propeller his grandfather had fashioned from wood. The propeller was to be used for wind power for the great grandpa's crystal radio set. Memories are great and even better when we can pass to the next generations. namaste, janice xx


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