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Menorise; Saturday Sayings

"Be gentle to all and stern with yourself."
(St Teresa of Avila)


  1. Hi Yam - a great quote ... more of us should take note of it ... have a happy weekend - cheers Hilary

  2. But sometimes gentle with yourself too.

    1. F agrees with Nobby - we need to be kind to ourselves and sometimes that means gentle (sometimes it could mean stern too if the kindest thing is to say 'pull your socks up and face this thing'. it usually turns out to be not as bad as feared.) furrings and purrings Mr T

  3. YAM I often have a stern conversation with me, myself and I. We are a stubborn bunch
    Hugs cecilia

  4. I have always been to stern with myself, I need to find a way to be gentle to me. that is hard for me to do. gentle with others is much easier.

  5. My husband says I'm stern
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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