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Menoof; To The Point

I am sure many of you will have seen the headlines about the IPCC report published this week. First, we had the warning of the Doomsday Clock...

...And now we have THIS. Yes, that's the actual report I just linked, and yes, I read it... but really, most headlines have pretty much hit the mark. We are in deep doo-doo if there is no serious and universal activity to mitigate the risk to our climate.

It is a simple fact that nothing much changes at the policy and governmental level without there being a major 'revolt' from "the people". To this end...

To save you time, I have looked up what The Big One is about... and THIS ARTICLE brings it together. While Extinction Rebellion, in its new 'peaceful' guise, is the instigator of the gathering planned for April 21st, many other groups are collaborating. Precisely the unity of purpose required at the top level, thus setting the example. Some things in the world are simply above all the politicking and geographical and economic gesticulating.

Importantly (if you watched that video to the very end), if it is not possible to physically attend The Big One gathering, then write, email or text your relevant member of parliament and voice your support for those who are able to go. Let the government know that the numbers stretch far beyond the streets of Westminster!

(I know this is a UK-only action for now... but be on the lookout for similar things going on in your neighbourhood of the world - and share the info, tell us about it. Remember, we are a village!)


  1. Morning/afternoon YAM
    I'm just starting to hear about a new (to me) weather thing. Recently on the weather report I heard the West coast of the USA was about to experience, Atmospheric River, which I think refers to a ton of rain. There have been lots of '100 year weather events over the last few years too.
    I keep meaning to look it up.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. The predicament is dire, yet inaction is the standard response to it, and I really don't see it changing. In recent elections in Ontario we re-elected a right wing government with an increased majority. This government is now dismantling the greenbelt and is taking other measures that are detrimental to the environment. We are willing sheep being led to the slaughter.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Hope All izz well.

  4. we hope for a future... for all of us...

  5. I did watch the video, and it is really scary. USA is starting to talk about it but no one is listening. I planet is rocking and rolling and i believe all of these earthquakes, eruptions, to much rain not enough rain, hurricanes and cyclones so much worse and killing so many more are signs of these times she is talking about in the video.. one of the problems and the biggest baddest of all, is everyone in every country believes what they believe is the right way and the others are wrong.
    polictics I mean, this keeps any and all from doing something.. the focus is on whom or who is right about what not that the planet is erupting

  6. Hello,
    The people in power are in control, it does matter who we vote for. Take care, have a great day!

  7. We've known about this for so long. Meantime, our loony convoy nutbars are still trying to fight for 'Freedim!' Capitalism is a terrible thing, but there aren't many alternatives!

  8. Scary, just scary....and sad that those in power are more interested in the next election than in the condition of the Earth.

  9. With regards to energy and commodities we take everything for granted, Yam! But it is not sustainable!
    Great post!

  10. It's hard to be optimistic about humanity's capacity to deal effectively with the climate crisis, but putting pressure on elected representatives is something we can and should do.
    Cheers, Gail.


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