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Menoxploratory; it's still fun. I think.

Picking up from last Thursday's post, you will now be subjected to the rest of the geekable tale.

Photographs. Images. Pictures. Snaps. Whatever you call them, they tend to be considered precious. They are the instant recording of moments in time which were considered worth marking. Sometimes they are just trash, but if you don't wade through trash you won't find the treasure.

On my impending trip, I have been planning some changes, technologically, in order to travel lighter. It began with the Hisstix in place of the Fudge. It is the photographic equivalent of the YAMroid to Voovoo the Vaio. No doubting the handiness, just a wee tad lacking in parts.

On the matter of the YAMroid, you will recall I was on a mission to upgrade its functionality for my two months away.  The Bluetooth keyboard and the card-reader/USB hub look like answering most of the needs. The hardware bit was pretty straightforward. The thing was, though, how to process the images in the YAMroid? Yes, there are all sorts of gimmicky imaging apps available, but not really for my needs, those. Tacky, most of them. Aimed at the selfie and now-o-gram junkies. I wanted something close to the things I use on Voovoo. Turned out there was a version of Fotor, which I have on the laptop. Not as varied - in the free version... but I get ahead of myself.

Before searching for such software, I thought to upload some images from the Fudge's SD card, but the YAMroid just couldn't 'see' it. USBs yes, SD card no. After faffing around for half an hour, testing this and that, good old internet search finally brought forth the likelihood that Android required an individual media translator. I tried the free 'view only' as per the instructions on that link, and after the download was immediately able to access the SD card. I was, therefore, more than happy to pay the small fee for the fully functioning software.

That was only half the issue though. Remember, the YAMster wanted something equivalent to Irfanview (LOVE that - but not available for Android), or Fotor... and found the latter.

Okay, so the media reader uploaded the images for me into the pictures folder on the YAMroid. Then could find them with Fotor and do my fancyfying and save them - but this time into a new folder. So far so good.

Then when it came to setting up last Thursday's post to check I could, in fact, create a post via the YAMroid, it took me an age to find how to access the file. The insert image button in the YAMroid version of blogger post draft brings up options of 'camera, apps, downloads or documents'. It was some time before I got inquisitive enough just to press 'documents'. It brought up a whole new screen with lots of access points - including 'gallery', which is where I knew the folder was with the image of the office chair in it.

All a bit cumbersome compared to here on Voovoo, but that is partly just a practice thing. Now familiarised, it ought not to take me quite so long.

Are you still here?  Well done. The main point is am prepared to go through these teething troubles in expectation of good 'chewing' later on!!!



  1. YaYa I'm betting you were a girl scout...always prepared...
    I look forward to any and all photos you might share from your pending trip.
    Hugs HiC

  2. I read every word of that (perfect punctuation!) and retained the gist of it. Maybe you'll hop over some day and help me recover my genealogy files! :-)

  3. that is a good plan and we see it like you teething troubles are essential to enjoy a good chewing time later...

  4. you do what I do, I just keep poking and poking and pondering and pondering until I figure it out. glad you have it so you can post. because of your other post about posting from android, I did create one on my android tablet. I don't have a usb to transfer photos, but found I can download from my photos on line. a real pain to create a post, I agree with that, but glad to know I can if I had to.... have fun

  5. I love doing this kind of thing. It builds brain cells to do this, too!
    Good you are trying it beforehand. Our new smartphone has been interesting.
    There are so many new apps, it's good to be judicious. You have fun! xx

  6. I enjoy seeing the engineer in you come out to play!! Kudos for pre-preparing...you'll be all set to share all the beauty you find on your journey!

  7. OH, the joys of overcoming challenges! Keeps the little grey cells moving and growing! namaste, janice xx


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