What You See Is What You Get. This is a journal blog, an explore-blog, a bit of this and that blog. Sharing where the mood takes me. Perhaps it will take you too.


After five weeks of absence, even I had to do a quick review of the story so far... yes, there is the label to use, but I rather detest the reverse reading that enforces. So here it is in 'to date' forward form:

The introductory ramble - in which I rather clumsily approach the subject and a justification of sorts for embarking on this series of articles. Self-conscious, to say the least.

Capital Ell and Dhyaanam - A MenoSunday post that carries the essence of why I am where I am and thus qualifies as a menoculayshunal post also.

Revelations - A quick rundown on how I got here from there

Becoming Ready - The mode and purpose of meditation v daydreaming

Set, Go - The Sydney connection and invitation

Timetabled - first contact with the ashram

Mind-scape - a bit more about the thinking  mode and a glimpse of the philosophy

The Setting - Adapting culturally

No Fear - getting on with things

A Woman’s Place - acceptance and respect

Getting Settled - paperwork and practicalities

The Environs (Me-Now-Views) - photos

Food – part one - the basics

Food – part two - the festivals

It has been a bit random, but that has been dictated, to a large extent, to how prepared I am to explore the process 'aloud', as it were. I do not deny it is a challenge to convey things of such esoteric and foreign nature in a manner even remotely interesting - if not entertaining. 

Then I remind myself that, as much as anything, these are being posted for me - if anyone else finds them worth the reading, so be it. I do all my life processing by talking out loud - it has always been thus. Having now lived a pretty solitary life, the only sounding board I have is this keyboard, this screen... this endlessly patient ear called the ether.

These posts, then, shall continue in full from next week. The period of AZing during April added to my shift into more 'naked' posts and I have been enheartened by the responses. 

Not doing anything serious today because in the process of preparing this post a message was received that I am to have a visitation - my siblings have loaded up their vehicles with items inherited from #15 and are all coming for lunch and to fill up the Hutch with all this extra stuff!!!  That's a rant for another post and another day. 


  1. I am so happy the clan is coming to you to gather. What fun, what fun you will have.

  2. Happy sorting:) But take the time to enjoy time with the gang.

  3. Rants and photos, please. namaste, janice xx

  4. Hope aall goes well today. All three siblings?

  5. we hope you will have a wonderful time together... it is important to be together our heart needs it...

  6. What does Menoculayshunal mean / refer to? Sorry of I'm missing something - trying to engage properly.

    1. Hari OM
      Ah, yes, well, there's history to this blog, Mark! Fret not, you'll catch up - but you may wish to read each of those linked posts to do so (this particular series is about my move to India) and at the bottom of the Bio-page you'll see the rational for my titling methodology! For all intents and purposes though, menoculayshunal posts relate to my vocational self. Yxx

  7. Have a wonderful time with your family!

  8. the sentence towards the end resonates with me personally.. endlessly patient ear called the ether. wow, how I love that and endless ear of ether is how I make it through my days. on no on the stuff your visitors bring.. it will be good to visit. remember you can JUST SAY NO. ha ha
    I talk to myself also

  9. I agree with Sandra...this caught my mind's eye:
    endlessly patient ear called the ether. I hope your visit with the sibs goes well and you can find room for all that they are delivering to you. I know you will fix a yummy lunch
    Hugs HiC

  10. We hope all the stuff from #15 can easily fit in your hutch. At least, we hope, it will be nice to see and spend time with your siblings.

  11. WoW! I sure wish I was that organized! But then, I am starting to enjoy the randomness I've embraced since I retired. I wish I could enjoy visiting my sister. I miss her.


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